Black pups expected Fall 2019

Lab puppies

Chestnuts Labs are located in Southern New Hampshire. We are hobby breeders of English Labs.

May 15, 2019

Next pups will be Fall 2019!

If interested in a pup, email application to Jen at

Pups are born in our hands and interacted constantly with people til they leave us and you take over. Consider training at about 4 months old if you have no prior experience with labs, but you should start basic training at your home from the day you bring them home as they are smart enough to learn basic commands. By 4 months old you will know if you have a reason for them to go to school and learn something that you may be having an issue with, or if you want to get them their CGC/Canine Good Citizen Award and then onto Therapy Dog Training if you would like your lab to be a therapy dog.  

Please fill out the application on the next page if interested. If you already have one of our pups just call or email me.

More info:

We do not have field labs, our labs are family members, raised and loved in our homes. Adults and babies. Our pups leave us at 8 weeks old, after their first shots, physical and Health Certificate with limited AKC papers. Approved homes only. Previous lab owners are preferred. Labs are a breed that do not thrive when left home for 7 hours a day alone and to raise a puppy properly someone needs to interact with the puppy every 3 hours, preferably, more when they are babies and you are training them.. Info on crates and sizes as well as pups schedule and most all information you need is on the sidebar..Read this and you will have the answers to almost all your questions..Of course we are always available if you have any questions or just need reassurance while raising your pup..

We want the best homes for our pups so if you think you can give one of our pups an excellent happy home please submit an application.

We will respond to you via email to start the adoption process.

Send in your application for future litters as that is how we like the first contact to began. We will follow up with you..Pups are not shown until 5-6 weeks old, after applications are received, approved and refundable deposits accepted..not all applications are approved as we are very particular as to who adopts our pups..All pups on limited AKC registration only..NO SHIPPING!! Pedigree on sidebar with picture of moms and dads...and more information.

All our sires are beautiful English Show Quality Labs! Our labs are our family members, very intelligent and have multiple litters of gorgeous healthy pups, either the pups or the parents and grandparents. We are on our 7th generation of Chestnut Labs. EIC and optigen clear through parentage. Both sires are OFA certified, hips and elbows. Fhina and Lily both are OFA clear and come from long lines of OFA clear parents, grandparents, etc..All of our labs go back to when OFA's were started over 30 + years..Therefore neither hip, elbow or eye issues have ever run in our labs. After 30 years of breeding quality healthy pups with all of our puppy families staying in contact we know if any health problems arise and have never had any health issues, either physical or with behavior issues..

All of our labs come from English Imports or English lines from France, Canada, and England.

Our labs can be traced back to the Sandyland lines as well as some of the most famous kennels that have been around since labs where a popular breed in England, France and many other European Countries. They started in Newfoundland and England took over and perfected the breed to what it is today with help from most every country that loves labradors. World Champion English Lindal Mastercraft is in all our labs pedigrees. We only breed to improve and maintain the beautiful English labs. There is a difference between English labs and American/Field labs. English labs are bred for conformation, beautiful blocky heads and otter tails, excellent calm temperaments, willingness to please, while trying to keep them as genetically clear of hereditary defects as possible! The American/field labs are bred for their high energy and hunting ability with no interest in their look. Some do look just like the English lab but do require 6-8 hours daily of exercise, ie:time in the field. Our labs have been cleared of Hip/elbow dysplasia as well as optigen clear on eyes for many generations. We do not recommend running or jogging your growing pup. Leash walking and swimming are the best exercise for their fast growing bones and joints. A large breed dog grows as much in one year as a human child will in 14 years. Keep this in mind while your puppy is growing and throughout their lives, as like humans, injuries acquired while young will cause arthritis when older!

All our labs are family members, none of them live outside in kennels! We know that labs are one breed that thrive on human contact and are not as happy kept in outside kennels. We leash walk all our labs daily and as family members our labs enjoy watching the animal planet, playing ball and just hanging out with us and each other when the weather is either too hot or too cold for us and them. That is what we love about our labs, their versatility, adaptability and love for their family. They live with us IN the home and we know their temperaments very well before deciding to breed them. Labs kept away from humans daily in a kennel can not be observed dealing with everyday life, such as eating, sleeping, playing..A kennel lab may act great kept in their outside kennel but you do not have the advantage of knowing each lab personally. Our labs live with us until they go to Rainbow Bridge, whether they have pups or not, they are part of our family, therefore we do not ever have older females looking for homes. They are not just products we keep until they are done "producing" puppies. They love us and we love them and we would never part with them until GOD calls them home! Sadie was called home Dec. 7th, 2015. She had was 11 years old and is with all our labs that have past on to Rainbow Bridge. She is missed by everyone that knew her. Sadie was an exceptional lab as all our labs are. I am blessed to have her daughter Lily and those of you who have Sadie or Lily's pups or any of Chestnut Labs pups are very lucky to have such beautiful, smart, loving dogs. We never have enough time with our dogs. That is how God planned it. We are not suppose to outlive our dogs just as we are not suppose to outlive our children as for most of us our dogs are like our children, very much part of our family.

We are an experienced labrador family having loved, lived with and occasionally breed the English labrador retriever for over 30 years. Hobby breeder only with family raised adults and pups.

Chestnut's News July 18, 2013!! Chestnuts Sammy gets his CGC May 25, 2013, read more about this below!

Chestnuts Sammy Gets his CGC May 25, 2013, Sammy is a Chestnuts Carma x Stoney pup born April 7, 2012. His black brother Loochie is working on his CGC also. Lochie's loving mom and dad are adopting another Carma pup to accomplish this wonderful job that labs just love, visiting the sick and lonely people in nursing homes, hosptials and wherever they are needed. We are so proud of our pups and the wonderful people who love them.

Hi Judi and Larry,

I couldn't resist sending this pic of Sammy along. Photo taken today as he just passed his Level 2 Obiedience and his "Canine Good Citizen" test this morning!! He was the only one in the class who passed all ten requirements! WOW, I am just so proud of him and love him so very much. Many, many people complement him, and ask me where I got him. I always pass along your name. I am so thankful to have received one of your very special puppies. Everything you said about your dogs is so very true. They are beautiful examples of the breed, have wonderful loving personalities, healthy and eager to work and learn. We are now on to more work and practice with the hopes of taking the Therapy Dog classes in about 6mo. to a year. He has been a joy and delight, and sends lots of love to you and all his doggies relatives at Chestnut Labs.
Love and slobbery doggie kisses from Sam
We are so proud of both of them..Sam is one of several of Chestnuts Labs to accomplish this and will go on to be a Therapy Dog to visit and comfort many lonely and sick people.

We do not recommend "puppy school" until they have had all their vaccines and you have started their training. This way you know why you are taking them to school. They have plenty of socialization while growing up with their littermates here and though it is good to let them interact with other dogs/pups you may know personnally it is not safe to send them into a group of puppies that you have no idea where they come from, ie:puppy mills, etc., that may still carry diseases. Your pups get a good immunity from mom and leave us with their first puppy booster but until they are 4 months old and have had all their boosters and their Rabies shot it is not safe or necessary for them to be in "puppy school"! 

Raising our labs in our home, having them living in the house with NO outside kennel as well as keeping them forever is just our way of living with and loving our labs. 

It is not the only way but it is the only way for US!

Info of Sires and Dams

Stoney and Sadie's info is on the side bar so click it on to see their champion pedigrees

which resulted in our Chestnuts Lovely Lily is expecting pups June 7 2016!

Davikas Tyndall Thunderbird, Jackson is the sire of this litter which will

have yellows and blacks!Antonio Gaudi will be the grandsire of our litter with Lily..

Grandparents of Stoney are CH. Chablais Ouzo and CH. Chablais Opal.

Their grandmother is the famous Multi Champion Chablais Olivia.

World Champion Lindal Mastercraft is in all our labs.

CH. English Sandylands Gadabout is also in great grandsire of both litters. 

Pictures of Stoney below

Chablias Antonio Gaudi, aka STONEY



Stoney does not carry chocolate.  Carma is a chocolate with a yellow sire, Ledgecrofts Finnegan and a Chocolate momma, Rosie..Therefore depending on who we breed Carma or Carly or Fhina or Lily or Fidelma to we can have all 3 colors, just choc's, just blacks, just yellows, or yellows and blacks as this litter will be. Fhina is her full sister Y/c and will probably have either an all yellow or all chocolate litter, depends on whether Jennifer uses chocolate Finbar or Yellow Jax as the sire. Stoney is Fidelma's sire so she will not use Stoney but will use our Jax who  is a Y/y so he will have all yellows or yellows and blacks like Stoney who is Y/y, depends on who the mom is..Finbar is C/c so he can all chocolates or chocolates and blacks, he does not carry the yellow gene..just some info for people who wonder how we know what colors we will have in a litter..Each litter is carefully planned and some people wait up to a year for their Chestnut Puppy as we do not breed very often, just a hobby which we take very serious. Bringing a new life in the world and being responsible for the welfare of the puppy in their adoptive home is our number one concern, as well as breeding the healthiest pups we can, with beautiful English looks and intelligence.                                                        

Chablais Antonio Gaudi, aka Stoney, is our yellow male. Our girls are from our first labs going back to 1989,The English Sandylands line, Naiad Chestnutbelle, Cedarwoods Chestnuts Shiloh, Cedarwoods Chestnut Cinnamon Girl and our black male Chestnuts Shamrock Finnegan as well as our yellow boy, Could be Camper! These beautiful English labs as well as many other champion English Labs make up our labs pedigree. Chestnuts Labs have been breeding labs as a hobby for 20 plus years. We are very family oriented and our labs are raised with love and as part of our family. Quality not quantity is how we breed, a hobby breeder.                                            

Our pups leave us with Limited AKC registration papers, NH Vet health certificate, their first puppy boosters and physical. We also give you the  vaccine schedule of when their next boosters and rabies are due. They will all have a physcial by the vet to make sure they are healthy!  We give you one month supply of the food I am feeding them which is  Blue Seal Puppy Life Stages. Blue Seal is locally made and in over 100 years has never been recalled. It is a very good food, low in fat, different varieties and my first lab in 1977 was on this food as well as all of our labs. It is the only food we use for our pups.Our pups lifespan averages 12-15 years which is longer than the average of 10-12 years. This is due to not over using vaccines, pesticides and healthy snacks, such as veggies and fruit as well as non fat human grade yogurt. Go to the Blue Seal website to find a distributor near you. Agway and other farm feed stores carry this and will order it for you. It is not available at grocery or petstores!


Shortly before pups are ready to go to their new homes, at 4 to 5 weeks of age, we allow visits from our new puppy owners to come and see the puppies. You will be asked to CALL us when you are 10 minutes away! Please NEVER go to another kennel or Pet Store before coming to our home. It is the only way we can protect our pups from outside health risks. If you are planning on visiting another breeder/kennel or petstore before coming here please let me know so we can reschedule your visit to another day!  PLEASE make sure that all clothes and footwear have been properly sanitized.  On this visit we will help you select the right pup to fit into your home/lifestyle. We use the Vollard Puppy test to evaluate each puppy. Until 5 weeks, sometime longer, we do not have enough knowledge of our pups personality to tell you which pup would be best for you. They can not be handled by outsiders until they are on puppy food and mom is almost done nursing them. This is normally about 5-6 weeks of age. They are weaned at 6 weeks old and spend the rest of their time with us learning about the world, people, some outdoor trips in our yard, interacting with each other and our other labs! Each puppy receives individual playtime and training is started. They have lots of daily contact with humans. They are learning that biting hurts by biting each other. I start teaching each pup the word "easy" as I hand feed 1/2 of a meal daily to each pup to get them used to human fingers and food. We look forward to meeting those who have sent their applications and have been approved and want to come and meet our lovely pups. Bring your camera so you can take pictures or your new family member! Also bring a blanket and toy when you pick up your pup so we can get the scent of their littermates and momma on it as well as our human scent. This you will take home with you for the pups first night. After the first night leave something with your scent on it for the puppy to sleep in his crate with as he will be bonding with you. I will give you a blanket and toy if you do not bring one. Most people like to buy their pups something when they come for their visit. Read the books I recommend, Mother Knows Best, The Art of Raising a Puppy by the Monks of New Skete as well as a new book from Ceasar Milan, The Dog Whisper will give you insite as to what is happening here for the first 8 weeks and help you through your first year. As with every book you must remember that each pup is different, so please do not go exactly by the book..make adjustments for your individual puppy..

Chablais Antonio Gaudi, AKA Stoney 

Stoney's parents are below:                     

Champion Chablais Ouzo, Chablais Antonio Gaudi, Sire            Champion Chablais Opale, Chablais Antonio Gaudi Momma

This is our Stoney. Chablais Antonio Gaudi. He is from Canada. His parents our Canadian CH. Ouzo and Canadian CH.Opale/pictured above. 

He is the sire of our ALL yellow litter from our 7th generation of Chestnuts Labs yellow Chestnuts Charming Carmabella, aka Carly! 


Chestnuts Typical Beautiful Pups!


Recommended Reading

There are many books available.

Mother know Best by Carol Lee Benjamin,  

The Art of Rasing a Puppy by the Monks of New Skete is mandatory before getting your pup. You will know what we are doing daily with your pups by reading this book, from before they are born until they leave and many chapters on how to raise a puppy..They are dedicated breeders of German Shepherds which are a very intelligent breed and very similar to a lab in learning very quickly how to please you. Never hit your dog, put their nose in their poop or pee if they have an accident..this is not only gross but they do not know what or why you are doing this. That is why I want you to read a good book by someone who knows what they are doing. You can call us for help or refer to our webpages or many sites on the internet for help..

Ceasar Milan, also known as THE DOG WHISPERER, has a new book out about dogs and pups. I have heard it is excellent and a must read...I have not read it yet but it is a must that you read one of these books even if you have had dogs in the past. Just to remind yourself of how much attention, repetition, patience, time, love and gentleness is needed to raise a happy Lab.

A Dog's Purpose is a book I loved and I also suggest you read that, not for learning how to raise a pup but getting some insite into what a dog thinks about, it is written from a dogs perspective, like if the dog could write a book he would write this one....

Chestnuts lovely Lilly, Sadie's x Stoney daughter!

Picture of Cody and Mia, 

Cody Yellow boy from

Stoney  x Rosie son and Mia is Fergus and Carly daughter, March 2011


Chestnuts Shamrock Finnegan

Sadie as a pup. Mother Of our Lovey LIly!

Sadie at 7 weeks old,


Chestnuts Cindy, Shiloh, Starr and Chestnut