Black pups expected Fall 2019

Lab puppies

Fergus and some of our black labs pups and adults

Fergus is from all English champions..He is just 14 weeks old in some of these pictures and already has what it takes to be a top show dog, with his excellent personality, intelligence and beautiful English lab pup..we are very grateful to Bev for letting us adopt this new boy! She is a true labrador breeder with only the best for the breed at heart and it shows in her pups 100%. Thanks again Bev!!! Fergus is now 2 .5 years old, 2011, has his OFA good, elbows clear and has turned into what we had planned, an excellent lab who consistantly produces beautiful English nice boned pups. We could not have asked for a nicer boy. He is a B/b, al black and produces black pups that could win any show should we dedide to go that way. We are keeping his son from Carly and his litter, born Jan. 28, 2011. He is a B/Y and maybe will carry choc. time will tell. Several other pics of Sadie and some of our beautiful labs
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