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You are the Wind beneath my Wings by Bette Midler

if you want to play while reading this site.

I love the song and my Chestnut was the WIND beneath my WINGS!

Without her there would be so many people without such wonderful labradors to love!

This is dedicated to Chestnutbelle and all my pups that are now with her!

 I love you Chess, take care of all your family that is with you once again!

Chestnutbelle went to 
Rainbow Bridge
January 1, 2004
Camper joined Chestnutbelle
Sept. 15, 2004
Starr, Chestnuts daughter went
Sept. 2003
Our beautiful Shiloh joined her family at
Rainbow Bridge, May 30, 2006.
Shiloh had 13 wonderful years with us.
She is missed but her memory
will live on forever.
Shiloh is the mom, grandma
and g.g. grandmother of all of my
puppies that are making
so many people happy today..
April 20, 2007 we lost our precious Cindy. Our beautiful
Cindy was almost 14 years old and had a wonderful happy life.
It has taken me 2 months to go to this site and add her to
our Rainbow Bridge. We miss you so much Cindy Lou..
She was our first chocoalate and is missed dearly.
We hope to continue her wonderful line with Carly in 2 years.
We are all deeply saddened by the sudden and unexpected loss of our beautiful
 Chipper, Camper X Shiloh son.
 He went to the bridge to be with his mom and dad and brother on Sept. 21, 2006.
Chipper had almost 6 of the happiest years any lab could live.
He was always happy and loving.
Chipper was loved by my family dearly.
He lived with my brother Jim, his wife, Debbie, and their children,
Jacob, Sarah, Emily and Leah.
He will live forever in our hearts and memories.
I know that Camper, Shiloh and Chipper's other family members
who are at Rainbow Bridge all are as happy to see Chipper as we are sad to say good-bye.
Chipper run fast, run free and watch over the children forever now.
You are my special angel.
We love and miss you Chipper.
Starr's brother, Zach,
beloved best friend of
Rocky and Krista Lavoie
has joined his mom and sister
and best buddy Camper.
He went to the bridge
Feb. 21, 2006.
He will be missed, remembered
 and loved by so many people. 
Chestnut Courage Of A Jake,
one of Campers sons  and Chippers brother passed
on to Rainbow Bridge at the young age
of 6 1/2 on March 25, 2006. 
Herschel, beloved chocolate lab of
Paul Sullivan joined them in
Dec. 2005.
Macie, beloved black lab of
Linda Tiburzi joined them in 
Nov. 23, 2004.
Dozer, yellow labrador
and best friend to Shelly Piso
and her family
went to the bridge
in August of 2005.
He is missed but his life
is celebrated everyday
by his family.
Woody crossed over Feb. 1, 2006
and has joined our
 beloved companions at the
Rainbow Bridge.
 He was 15 years old
and the beloved
family member
 of Linda Donahue and
her family. 
Smile he will always be with you.
Teddy Brewmaster Chiarello,
yellow lab and member
of the Chiarello family,
went to the bridge
on 2/15/06,
3 days short of his
twelveth birthday.
Teddy is missed and will be
remembered by all who knew
and loved him.
(their yellow beauty) , passed on 3/5/06.
Their angel taught them so many important life lessons.
She will be missed but did live a long wonderful life.
He is loved and will be missed by all who knew him.
Sadly another beautiful yellow lab has joined our companions at the brigde.
His mom Susan wanted him to be
remembered with all of our friends
who are waiting for us
to join them at Rainbow Bridge.
Winston 01-29-96 to 12-24-05.
Once more I am adding a beloved companion to our Rainbow Bridge.
Dakota passed on to our Rainbow Bridge in Nov, 11, of 2005.
Chelsea & Dianne had him with them 
 for 13 1/2 yrs. and are devastated by his passing!!!
We miss him terribly !!!! 
I don't know what else to say except he was the best dog ever
and we miss him everyday !
May your beautiful spirit Run Happy,
Run Free Dakota, until we meet again..
Bailey Kuklis went to the bridgeß days before Chipper.
She was born August 8, 1995 and she passed on September 18, 2006. 
She was the sweet precious girl of Richard and Diane Kuklis, 
their constant companion and the beloved sidekick
of their other chocolate lab, Koa, who is grieving her loss as well. 
Duke, beloved black lab of Steve and
Nancy Wiggin has passed on to the bridge so suddenly. 
A horrible accident took him too soon. 
 Duke was born on July 27, 2000 and passed away on Nov. 11, 2006.
He is a Finnegan son, and is sadly missed by all who knew and loved him.
Sadly once again, one of our boys has passed on. Zeike,
a Camper x Shiloh son has left us and joined his family at Rainbow Bridge.
He was born here 9/13/99.  HE WENT TO RAINBOW BRIDGE ON 12/3/06. 
He was loved by all who had the pleasure to spend time with him
and will be missed by his big sister Kyrah and his family dearly.
Run free Zeike, until we meet again.
Once again I am sad to be writing in my Rainbow Bridge. We have lost one of our Camper x Starr sons.
Sam was born to Chestnuts Shooting Starr and
Could be Camper on July 3, 1996 and Sam went to Rainbow Bridge Jan. 20, 2007.
It is so hard to say good-bye but I know Sam had a wonderful life and was loved. He was one of those one in million, your heart dog as his dad Camper was to me and his grandma Chestnut, my first real heart dog!
Sam's pictures are in the album.
The following is the email Sam's family sent me.
It was so nice to talk to you again today.  
You really made me feel so much better during a very difficult time. 
As I said Sam (AKA Sammy) was loved so very much by me,
my wife Tammy and children Jason and Ashley. 
I was telling the kids this morning that after 10 and a half years
 I still looked forward to getting up in the morning and seeing him and going for our walk.  
Then again on the way home from work I couldn't wait to go do something with him. 
It didn't matter if it was a bike ride, hike or a jog we would always do something. 
This went on for his entire life with us and it was great. 
I attached photos of Sam being Sam.  One of the pics includes my sister Jill's boy Jacob. 
You may remember she picked Jacob up in 1999. 
The parents were Camper and Cindy (I think?). 
I also scanned a treasured photo of ours taken at your home of Jason and Ashley
 holding Sam a week or so before we brought him home. 
Well, Judie 10 years have come and gone since we met Sam
and because of him our family is forever blessed
and we have you to thank for it, so again thank you. 
And as we talked about today,
when you have your next litter and out hearts have healed
we would like to talk to you about a new puppy so please keep us in mind.
I just found out that one of my pups from my third litter of labs born in 1992 has passed onto Rainbow Bridge. Max Higginbottom, beloved companion of Bill and family, went unexpectedly at the age of 12 + years old.  Max was born on April 1st 1992 and he crossed the rainbow bridge on May 24th 2004. His parents are Chestnutbelle and Ben's Big Yeller. Bill just got his new Chestnut pup from me in June from Stoney x Rosie litter. A beautiful yellow boy named Skidder. I hope they have many wonderful years together traveling, now on their way to Montana together. Max was a wonderful friend and he is missed. He is now with his mom and dad and many siblings, together, playing at the bridge until we come and get them.
           Gloria and Leon have lost their beloved Austrailan Shepard, Bandit.
 Bandit's mom Gloria wrote this for you, Bandit!!
He left us way too soon on 6/20/07 at the early age of 5.
He ruptured his tendons in the back legs doing
what he did best I guess, running and just being "Bandit".
He was a very active dog, happy just chasing squriells, and barking!
It took us a long time to understand this breed, as they are like no other.
But, at the end of the day, he was most comfortable cuddling up with us,
and I will never forget that funny face with it's beautiful markings
and gold eyes just looking at me as if to say,
"I love you Mom!" God Bless you Bandit, I Miss You so much!
But you are not in pain anymore!
I hope you are happy and running in heaven with your rodent friends!
Dear Judy,
It is with great sadness and heartbreak that we write today to add
our precious Sadie Girl to those who have passed over to Rainbow Bridge.
We lost our girl on July 30, 2007 just two days before her 6th Birthday.
She passed away suddenly in my arms in our living room. 
There was no warning and even to this day the doctors can't explain why. 
The necropsy was inconclusive and tissue
 samples couldnt determine a cause of death. 
We just know that we loved her so much and she
brought our family so much love and joy. 
She loved to be with us and by our side all the time. 
Whenever we went out, Sadie would want to go "bye bye in the car". 
She loved the boys Leo and Jon and they loved her.
I cant tell you how special she was to us. 
No one would understand the connection between
a dog and their family it is a special bond between them. 
Only we know the what it feels like and only we can understand it.
I have attached some photos to show you just how beautiful she became. 
She came from good stuff, you did good. 
Sadie was the daughter of Cindy and Could be Camper, born on August 1, 2001
If you can remember Sadie was the runt,
weighing in at about 5 or 6 oz. and not knowing if she would make it,
you hand fed her as she was just too small, ( and we are go greatful that you did).
 I can't remember how many were in her litter.
This litter was born several days early,
as Cindy was caught in a rush to the door which caused her to labor to soon. 
But in the long run Sadie
ended up with more human bonding which really showed
in her need to always be close.
This was never a problem for us as we loved her loving us.
Marianne and Mike Egan
Leo and Jon
Maximus Titus was born on Valentine day, Feb 14, 2002, 
and died untimely on June 14, 2008
We miss him desperately and know there
will never be a dog as wonderful as he. 
He was a person in a dog suit.
This beautiful black boy was a Finnegan x Shawnee son
who left his family too soon..
He is missed but will never be forgotten.
Run fast, run free and be with all your
family that has passed on! 
You will be there to help your family
crossover someday! 
Until we meet again!
Love you Maximus!
You are Loved and will never be forgotten,
we miss you big guy!
Judie and Charlie and Jillian!!
Poem below by 10 year old Jillian
I finished writing my poem.It took me a little while to capture this love and kindness but I finnally found the words worthy of him.So here it goes:
                  My Max wait for me there one day I'll
                      cross over and seek you bestfriend but
                      I won't look far because there you'll be
                      standing, just as you promised here on
                          Earth. I love you Max your the best thing
                          for when I'm weepy your there in a flash.
            bestfriends forever never forget.
                      I love you my Maxy to the very end!
Tippy will be missed much by my Aunt. Tippy was not a lab but he was her constant friend and companion. He passed on Monday, August 18, 2008. He is missed by his mom and her other little dog, Buddy who is 5 years old. Tippy was 11 years old and got sick suddenly. He is safe now and will be with my aunt again someday. I am sorry to have to add one more angel to my bridge!
There have been many losses since my last writings, my 4 legged loved ones as well as my mother. It has been hard to continue this but I am going to try again to remember the love and kindness that our pets give us and keep their memories close in our hearts.
My beloved Rosie left us at only 4 years old, March 25, 2010. She was a beautiful lab, a loving mother to her babies and held such a special place in our lives as she was a g.g.granddaughter of my Chestnutbelle. No words can describe the void in our lives without her. I know she is at peace and with her many relatives who past before her. Rest in peace my Chestnuts Yellow Rose of Serenity and know you are remembered for your kind smile, loving spirit and beautiful soul. Till we see you again. Run fast, run free and help me when it is my time to join you.
Chestnuts Comet Chaser, a beautiful Chestnut x Camper son. He was born Feb. 22,1995 and joined his family at Rainbow Bridge 12 years later. I may have your DOB year wrong my beloved Comet and have forgotten the exact day you parted from this earthly plain to your final resting place but have not ever forgotten about you. Your momma JUDI and papa Pete miss you dearly. You gave them so much, helped Judi with the loss of her Pony and soon after you where gone, your best friend, Manchie, a beautiful horse joined you. I promised your momma Judi that I would put you on our Rainbow Bridge, it has been very hard to do.  I first put your 1/2 sister Rosie up, she did not live nearly as long as you but we never seem to have enough time with our canine companions. Run fast, keep smiling and help us stay strong. I know you will be there waiting when it is our time to cross over.
You where a very special boy, full of energy and life till your last day. You are missed and live on in our hearts and our Chestnuts Labs. Thank you Comet for all you gave, we can never give back 1/4 of what our canine companions give us.
Tribute to Gabriel
Our Beautiful Gabe was born Aug 19, 2004 and passed 4:45 pm Aug 1, 2011. He was the mirror image of God on this earth for our pack/family. (GOD/DOG) He was true LOVE and we look forward to being with him again someday-we miss him deeply and the emptiness he left in our hearts is palpable.
 The grief, images and sounds come in waves and are sparked by certain things throughout the day. We miss him so very terribly...I know you hear this all the time but I have to tell you in all my years of owning dogs and Gerry too, Gabriel was the smartest, most compassionate, confident, playful, loyal, protective in all the right ways, best hugger, best kisser and all around best dog friend we ever had. Your breeding skills have been perfected over the years and I thank God I found you:-)
2012 has been a sad year for us and several of our beloved labs who are part of other families as well as a Chestnut Lab!
In April we had to say good bye to our Chestnuts Mello Cello, also known as our Cello! She was our second chocolate and Camper's and Cindy's beautiful daughter! Cello past quickly on Easter Week-end as I was delivering my only litter of pups for this year from our only other Chocolate girl, Carma. Cello was doing fine with just a little arthritis. She woke up Sat. April 7th with a huge tumor on her face. I could not leave my Carma as she was having pups so Larry brought our old Cello who would have been 13 on June 15, 30 hours older than Ciecie, my first time I had 2 litters so close together, to the vet after I called and told them she would be in for her last time:-((..The other side of her face had developed a large mass before Larry had arrived at the vet, just less than an hour after finding the first lump in the morning. She was starting to suffer...The vet did not know what it was except cancer that appeared that fast, overnight. She has been with us since 1999 and though I could not be with her Larry held her and the vet and the entire vet's office was in tears. She did not suffer and I will never let my dogs she is now watching us from above and in our hearts.
Her sister and best friend Ciecie past in June, just one day after Ciecie turned 13, June 15, 2012. They came into this world so close together with different mom's but Camper was Ciecie maternal grandpa Shawnee's daughter, Shiloh and Camper's granddaughter.  Cello would have been 13 years
old on June 15. Ciecie was born June 16, 1999.  Ciecie just gave out...she had good and bad days, nothing really bad. On June 12 she stopped eating..She was comfortable and would eat a meal from my hand so I fed her that way for 2 days...June 14th she would not stand, walk and could not without crying...Larry and I put her in the SUV and off to the vets we went..I miss her everyday and stil have the daughter of Cello and Finnegan, Carly who also was a niece to Ciecie..May you both run with no pain and wait for me with Camper and all the labs I have loved and lost when it is my turn to join all of you! xoxox to Ciecie and Cello
I received this lovely peom from a couple that had adopted one of my Finnegan x Meg, Chestnuts granddaughter. She is sadly missed. She is beautiful and their tribute to her makes me want to continue having pups for people to love for a many more years!



You passed away

On our living room floor

On 12/12/12

At 4:44

Your love was unconditional

Faithful to the core

Always glad to see me

When I came to our front door

Although you had to leave me

I know that you will wait

And you will be there to greet me

When I am at Heaven's gate

You were the best dog ever, and we will never forget you.

We will always love and miss you. Good bye until we meet again.



There is never a good time to say good-bye to our dogs,

whether they are taken from us unexpectedly
or it is the last kindness we do for them.
It is the hardest part of having a pet.
They will not outlive us and we will have to say
good-bye and know in our hearts that we will all be together again


















Our 3 newest Angels to watch over us, Tessie, Cello and Ciecie!


The Rainbow Bridge   



There is a bridge connecting Heaven and Earth.

It is called the Rainbow Bridge because

of its many colors.

Just this side of the Rainbow Bridge

there is a land of meadows,

hills and valleys with lush green grass.

When a beloved pet dies,

the pet goes to this place.

There is always food and water and

warm spring weather.

The old and frail animals are young again.

They play all day with each other.

There is only one thing missing.

They are not with their special person

who loves them on Earth.

So, each day they run and play

until the day comes when

one suddenly stops playing and looks up!

The nose twitches! The ears are up!

The eyes are staring!

And this one suddenly runs

from the group!

You have been seen,

And when you and your

special friend meet.

You take him or her in your

arms and embrace.

Your face is kissed

again and again and again,

and you look once more

into the eyes of your trusting pet.

Then you cross the Rainbow Bridge

together never to be separated!

Hugs and kisses to all our friends at the Bridge.

You are all missed and celebrate

your lives everyday!

Your memories will live forever in

our hearts!:-)


If you would like your beloved pet added to our Rainbow Bridge

 just email his/her name and

when they left us to join the others at the Bridge.